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We hope you have had a great year.

Thanks for continuing to use the Customer Review app on wix.com. Here are your app stats for the last year.

Your Customer Review app on  V_URL


This is how many times your reviews have been seen in the last year. The bigger the number the better. Make sure you ask new clients what influenced them to purchase from you.


Banner for help optimizing your website.

If you want to be found on the Internet you need to learn what Keywords are.

You will likely need some help getting Google, Bing and other search engines to rank your website properly.

We have been using Overflow Cafe on mygrowbot.com about nine months.

Our site was steadily increasing in its search ranking and our traffic was going up about 10% every month except last month. The last two months we did not post any new content and this month our traffic stalled. We will make sure to add new content, lesson learned.

We hope Overflow Cafe can do the same for you.

Please visit our affiliate link overflowcafe.com/am/aff/go/dwalliance

Thank you.

James Brake


PS: If you want to see your reviews and edit your settings login to wix.com and go to our app in your editor if you are not a wix user then go to our website .. click add to site and enter your email it will remember you.

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