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Community Plus Premium
  • Have organic business growth by letting your customers help you to market and sell your product and service to potential clients.
  • Let customers easily leave reviews about your business and services before they post to unmoderated sites like, google plus or facebook and potentially damage your reputation, the problem never gets fixed or leave they leave a great review you will never be able to see. When a great review does come through ask those clients to repost to unmoderated sites.
  • Approve reviews before posting to your website or
  • Get more reviews by putting links to your custom write a customer review form in your business correspondance and emails.
  • Improve your business by knowning what customers like and don't like about your business.



  • Everything Community has +
  • Easily contact your customers that have given you a review.
  • Everything Plus has +
  • Get better customer retention by uploading your logo.
  • Communicate more easily by phone by having a shorter URL for those one on one customer calls.


$24 Per Year 


$28 Per Year


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