Introducing Our Seamless Customer Review Form!

We're excited to bring you the latest upgrade to our Customer Review app on Wix—now with the ability to integrate customer reviews directly onto your own website pages!

Previously, to collect customer feedback, we used a separate mini-website, which, while effective, felt disjointed from your main site's branding and design.

Now, we've streamlined the process! We’ve bridged the gap between functionality and aesthetics by enabling reviews to be published directly within the layout of your own site, maintaining a consistent and professional look.

Discover How It Works

Dive into our new feature with a user-friendly video tutorial that will guide you through each step of this exciting update.

Ready to Upgrade?

For those who prefer written instructions, we've prepared a detailed step-by-step document to help you seamlessly integrate this new feature.

Embrace the new capabilities of our enhanced Customer Review app and boost your customer engagement like never before!

Watch the Tutorial Video | Read the Step-by-Step Guide

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