Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. I have many different pages that each need to have different sets of reviews, how do we configure the app to support that feature?
A. Unfortunately we don't support that feature.


Q. How do I install your app PERFECTLY?

  1. install from the app store
  2. click settings and enter your company data -- espicially the email else the app will not work
  3. place exactly where you want .. best if it's on the side or on the bottom
  4. save the page and publish the page
  5. logout of wix and go to your published page where the app was installed
  6. enter a review
  7. check your email
  8. click approve or deny
  9. if you did not get the test email then repeat steps 1 - 7


Q. How do test my setup or it's not working?
A. Double check your configuration save and publish your site then make sure you enter a test review. The test review should be a real review you recieved from an existing client. If you don't get your review email then double check your configuration and check your spam folder. If you do find the email in your spam folder make sure you move it to your regular email folder.

If problems continue follow these steps.

1. delete the app
2. save your site
3. publish your site
4. make sure the app is gone
5. add the app again
6. completely configure the app (this is super important) - email / business name / description are super important
7. save your site
8. publish your site
9. go to your site and make sure the app is there
10. submit a review - you should get it in your email ... if you don't check your spam folder ... and move it from the spam folder to your regular email folder


Q. I added your customer review app to my website, but nothing seems to be happening.  I had someone submit a review, but it has not appeared on the site. 

A. The app was installed / published then, possibly not configured, deleted and added back but not published .. and at some point the links you sent out are no longer the links to the app on your website.

I would delete the app from your website, save, publish and make sure the app is gone. Then add it back very carefully, save, publish, enter a test review from your website, deny it to be posted and don't delete the app/re add the app once you have added the app back. Make sure you use the latest links.

Q. I cannot get rid of the default reviews.

A. Your app is out of sync. You will need to delete the customer review app, then save your site and publish your site. Then add the customer review app, configure the app, save your site and publish your site.


Q.  I have deleted and re-added the app a few times and it does not appear to be working.

A. Uninstall/Delete it again then the first thing to do is enter in your business information then add some reviews.

Q. How do I delete a review?
A. You can deny a review using the management interface in the app manager. Find the manager for the app and click the manage tab then view the approved reviews -- from there you can deny an approved review.


Q. How many reviews can I have?

A. I don't know at present there is no practical limit in theory at some point our servers will not be able to service that many. If you got enough reviews to max out our cluster of servers you would probably have enough money to just buy our system in petty cash(please do) and upgrade it.


Q. Can I have a different set of reviews for different pages, videos or products on my website?

A. Two steps first step is upgrade the app to premium then send an email to to upgrade the app to 'multi page' support.


Q. Can I edit reviews?

A. The upgraded version you can edit reviews.


Q. Can I alter the content on the form?

A. Yes -

  1. Login to edit your site
  2. navigate to the page where you have app installed
  3. select the app settings  
  4. inside the app select settings again
  5. select 'Review Form Text'

Q. How do I setup the app?

A. Watch the setup video on


Q. How does the system work?

A. Watch the demo video at


Q. Why don't you have stats such as Amazon?

A. Most of our clients will only have a handful of reviews per year which makes stats relatively useless. More importantly most of our clients want their potential customers to actually read the reviews and not just glance at the stats. For us we just don't want to clutter up your page(or our app) and add more complication to the software(we would also raise our fees if we added it). Search on google for 'Customer Review Software' you can probably add it to your wix site via the 'custom HTML' under the app settings option.

Q. How big is your company?

A. There is me(James) and Alex we take turns answering support requests and maintaining / upgrading the software. Effectively there is one employee at any given time.

Q. Why did you build the app?

A. I(James) built it for my wife Linda who is an accupuncturists because I know how incredibly important it is to get customers to refer potential customers to you. Just like my wife I want you to succeed and do well. The more people that are happy, healthy and satisfied in life ... the better it is for all of us.

Q. I would like to display the date of each review.

A. Unfortunately the software does not do that. The reason is simply because most of our clients don't get many reviews per year.

Q. Can I set the exact order of the reviews?

A. Unfortunately not. To much complication which would equal higher support costs which equals raising the fee.


Q. Why is it only $3 a month?

A.  I wanted to make as big an impact as possible and there were already much more sophisticated systems on the market(all the features you could ever want) but the cost for a solopreneur who is just getting started is something they might balk at. I really truly believe that customer reviews are super important to the success of your company and I want you to succeed, to win, to make the lots of money and to make the world a better place. I wanted this app to be a 'no brainer' it is EFFECTIVE, it is EASY and it is CHEAP. So that's why the app is $3 a month. 

Q. Do you do custom programming?

A. Yes we can make a customized version of this app for you but .. it will likely be more than $3 a month and our hourly rate might scare you if $3 a month is stretch for you financially.


Q.  Review shows up, but I don't see any way to leave new ones?

A. Make the number of reviews less or add text for the 'Leave a Review' option in the settings area of the app manager for the Customer Review app.


Q. I have a new site and need to move my reviews to my new site.

A. The app is billed monthly if you have the upgrade.  The easiest way to move the app to your new site:

  1. is to add the app to your new site
  2. fully configure the new app
  3. copy and paste the reviews from the old site to the new site - if you have a ton of reviews let me know and I can move them for you
  4. ask to stop billing on the old app
  5. upgrade the app on the new site


Q. How do I approve or deny a review to be plublished on my website?

A. Each review will be emailed to you. You need to click approve or deny in the email for the review to publish or remain hidden. Your email server will sometimes mark our review notification messages as spam. When that happens you will need to move the messages to your inbox and add our email address to your address book. You can also use the review manager in the Customer Review app in the website editor.

Q. HELP I am not getting my review notifications!

A. Your email server will sometimes mark our review notification messages as spam. When that happens you will need to move the messages to your inbox and add our email address to your address book. You can also use the review manager in the Customer Review app in the website editor.


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